The Real Secret to Better Hearing May Surprise You

The Real Secret to Better Hearing May Surprise You

The Real Secret to Better Hearing May Surprise You

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2019

As we grow older, our natural ability to hear starts to gradually decline. Some of the signs of hearing loss include muffled speech, difficulty understanding words, and turning up the volume of the TV. If left ignored or untreated, hearing loss can get worse over time and lead to other health conditions like isolation, depression and cognitive decline.

There are many companies offering different solutions to hearing loss, but is leading the way by tailoring their services to each individual with dedicated support. In fact, they’ve already changed over 100,000 lives and, based on recent customer satisfaction scores, those people are twice as happy as the industry average.

So, what’s their secret to better hearing?

It starts with personalized service.
They provide personalized guidance to get you on the path to better hearing. Their hearing consultants discuss your hearing loss, lifestyle, insurance, and financing options to guarantee they find the best device for you.

Next, they work with ALL the major manufacturers.
They give you premium access to the best devices from well-known manufacturers like Signia (formerly Siemens), ReSound, Phonak and Widex. This guarantees you the latest hearing aid technology, competitive prices, and unbiased recommendations. You can even try any of their devices for 45 days risk-free!

Lastly, they have one of the largest networks of hearing care providers in the US. They’ve screened and vetted over 1,600 hearing care providers across the US to ensure you get the best possible care, close to home.

Now that you’ve discovered that the secret to better hearing is’s unique, expert-driven approach, why wait to do something about your hearing loss?

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